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Skintm is a line of chemical-free body care products containing only organic and natural oils, each with a specific healing benefit in mind.  Great care has been taken in creating each product to offer you the experience you deserve, and the attention your skin needs.

NEW STORE OPENING! We are excited to open our newest SKIN retail boutique!

Please visit us at:
612 West 48th St.
Country Club Plaza
Kansas City, MO 64112
Store Phone: (816) 255-2693

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A Note from Stephanie:

As a nutrition consultant, organic caterer and herbalist, I combine my love of holistic healing, whole foods, and nutrition, along with the use of organic oils and botanicals to create products I believe will nourish your mind, body and spirit.

tm is the culmination of my passion for all things real, natural, organic and living.  Nothing fake.  No chemicals.  No additives. Enjoy!



SKIN's Mission: To discover the highest quality natural ingredients, and turn them into luxurious, chemical-free skin and body care, with the least amount of environmental impact.

Stephanie Simkins
Stephanie Simkins, Founder of Skintm

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